Vahlermoso Springs

After reading this sign, we absolutely had to hike down the gorge to the creek. We enjoyed exploring and saw some really neat rocks. The water was freezing.... because it is March..  


JetBlue Flight from Boston Logan to Nashville International

Leaving family is the saddest part of every trip. We spent so much time hugging, seeing sights and sharing stories that makes boarding an airplane really hard. We arrived at Boston Logan with enough time. Thankfully returning our rental was very quick and easy. Big thank you to Enterprise Rentals for being so easy to... Continue Reading →

Huntsville, Alabama

With full bellies and ambitious hearts, we decided to go for a walk downtown after our turkey dinner. It was pretty cold but we got some good shots! The veterans bridge was neat to see. There were huge fish hanging out underneath it. I'm pretty sure they get fed from there. Locals: if you have... Continue Reading →

Freedom Trail, Paul Revere house

Monday we walked Freedom Trail, explored Quincy Market, MA state house, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere house and the Old North Church. There was so much more to explore, if only we had more time. Quincy Market had some lovely little local shops. I have a tradition of buying a different colored shirt from every city... Continue Reading →

Downtown Boston

On the last day of our trip, we decided to leave for the airport early to spend some time in Boston. It was quite cold, but definitely worth exploring! The Boston skyline can be seen a very long time before you actually reach the city! Coming into the city was a massive bridge called the... Continue Reading →

Colonel Home VS Plantation Home

In New Hampshire, the architecture is completely different than here in the south. Here we have lots of plantation houses and further south you will find more stucco, Spanish looking houses. NH has a lot of saltbox and colonel style homes. Check them out! Also, instead of having lots of fields and open space, there... Continue Reading →

On our way to Cape Neddick, we drove through York, Maine. The area is absolutely beautiful. It was so cold so not very many people were on the beach. There was one couple strolling along with their dog. He looked like he was having the best time.  Just above the dogs head, you can see... Continue Reading →

Searles Castle

Edward Searles, born in 1841 and grew up in Massachusetts. At thirteen he began work in a cotton mill, and several years transitioned to becoming an interior decorator. He had completed several impressive building projects and began his own castle in 1905. The castle was completed in 1915. *Notice in the picture above that the... Continue Reading →

So, our adventurous weekend is over, sadly. I didn't want it to end! We surprised so many family members and it was definitely worth keeping the secret! Our secret is out: we flew from Nashville to Boston. Direct flight with Jet Blue. I was able to check in online earlier that day and print our... Continue Reading →

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